About The CEO

Sunday Green,  a twenty-five year old native of Charleston, SC, began a personal journey to seek out natural alternatives after giving birth to her first child, Micah. In November 2019, she launched Braids2Kute, a brand that focuses on offering braided hairstyles that cater to young girls who suffer from hair loss.  She soon discovered it was increasingly common that young girls were suffering from hair loss and that also affected their confidence and self-esteem. She made it her goal to create a product that would stimulate hair growth and allow her clients to embrace their natural hair.


After extensive research, the all-natural “Sunflower Oil’ was birthed! This light hair growth oil consists of a combination of natural ingredients that stimulates rapid hair growth without leaving the hair feeling heavy. The success from the “Sunflower Oil” has inspired her to create an entire collection of natural hair care products that are strong enough for an adult and gentle enough for a baby. As a result, the Mica' Mi Collection came into existence.


The Mica' Mi Collection was manufactured in 2020 during the pandemic. Presently, "Sunflower Oil" and "Sunflower Magic" are available, but it will offer a complete collection of hair care products in the upcoming future. This new assortment of items will include these two as well the new ones currently in development. The existing products are currently available for purchase online and at two major hair store retailers,  Hair Depot and New York Beauty & Fashion in South Carolina.



Sunday's determination to provide a resolution has given many young girls self-confidence and the ability to glow naturally!